Elixir Group is one of the world's leading integrated groups of company which is engaged with FMCG, agriculture, electronics, real estate, retailing and auto mobiles businesses worldwide. Our success is driven by hard work of our employees and their commitment to get desired results by operating responsibly, using innovative technologies and capturing new opportunities for profitable growth. We are virtually involved in every facet of popular consumer oriented FMCG, agriculture, electronics, real estate, retailing and auto mobiles industries. As a result of the hard work of countless creative and dedicated staff members, the tireless efforts of a world-class support team, and the undying consumer loyalty, the company has become one of the most prominent and experienced industrial conglomerates in Asia. The Group initially started off as a Mineral Water Company, but has diversified its portfolio to include a host of other business ventures. Elixir Groupā€˜s continuous progress is dependent on adherence to existing policies and a steady search for new ventures. Today, Elixir Group has not only made its way successfully in FMCG, agriculture, automobiles, electronics, real estate but it is also continuously expanding consolidating in diversified industries. See more.


The company started off in year 2009. We realized the business strategies and procedures by delivering world class products to the consumers. For 3 years, the company has produced quality products by research & development, and aims to continue the same. Your support, devotion, and trust has helped to create a foundation to build Elixir Group which is the new market leader in FMCG, agriculture, automobile, retail, and real estate industries. Our aim is to make it an icon of advanced business world. We are grateful for your support and participation and look forward for the continual of the strong partnership to meet challenges of the year 2013. The worldwide expansion of our business was exceptional, last year. We have many plans for our 3rd anniversary?. It would begin with a series press stories of past and current innovations; and the present contributions towards future excellence. We are grateful to you for your contributions, and support that made last year historic. We could not advance Elixir Group without your support. As we move to this new century, we have a rich set of opportunities and challenges before us which incorporates our strong traditions and corporate spirit. Your support helps to ensure that we should continue to deliver the best products as the future depends on each and every one of us.

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Elixir Automobiles

Elixir Automobiles launched Elixir bike x power 70. Read more..

Elixir Dairies

Elixir Dairies recently launched elixir yogurt. Read more..

Elixir TV Commercial

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